Instructions to CME Providers

Category 1B

The usual CME event providers may apply for the FM accreditation under Category 1B. The CME Activity Coordinator (CME AC) for the accreditation however must be a registered medical practitioner. If the request is for assessment as FM Core CME as well, the CME Activity Coordinator must seek the advice of an accredited FM CME Advisor. A list of such advisors is available at

Applying for Category 1B CME Points in Family Medicine – Step-By-Step Guide

  • Go to to apply for accreditation of your event at SMC website.
  • Take note of the Event ID assigned to you upon completing your event accreditation application.
  • (a) For Core FM CME applications:
  • Download the Cat 1B application form here. This file contains the blank form for you to complete for submitting further information to support your application. Applicants can also download the application form and instructions via the hyperlinks in the SMC's Online System at
  • Complete the required information as indicated on the application form.

*Ensure that section C is duly completed and signed by an accredited FM CME advisor.

  • The CME Event Co-ordinator can sign on behalf of the FM CME Advisor on the hardcopy if given expressed authority to do by the latter provided the said FM CME Advisor gave all the information in Part C and is given a copy of the form submitted.

Submit the printed copy of the completed form (duly signed by both the CME Activity Coordinator and the accredited FM CME advisor) by hand or post to CFPS at the address listed below. Please do NOT fax the form to CFPS. Faxed forms would not be considered.


FM CME Secretariat
College of Family Physicians Singapore
College of Medicine Building
16 College Road #01-02
Singapore 169854

  • Please submit the hardcopy application forms one month before the date of event. Late submissions and incomplete forms will be rejected. Also, ensure that the contact email address of the CME AC is filled in correctly. As and when necessary, the College may request for more information.

(b) For non-core FM CME applications

     You need not fill up any application form.

  • The SMC Secretariat would contact the CME Provider on the CME points and outcome of the application. If the CME AC has any queries, please contact the SMC Secretariat at 6372 3060.
  • Events are assessed by the College as Core or Non-core FM events based on prospective information provided by the CME Activity Coordinator. If the CME provider wishes to acknowledge the role of the College if an event is assessed as Core FM CME, the following statement printed in its entirety may be used. "This CME event is assessed by the College of Family Physicians Singapore to be a Core FM CME event based on prospective information submitted". No other statement regarding the role, support and/or endorsement of the College should be given or implied nor should the name of the College be mentioned otherwise. The College organises and co-organises CME activities for Categories 1A, 1B, 3A & 3B with other providers in which the College name and logo are displayed. Information on such collaboration may be obtained from the FM CME advisors or directly from the College.

Filling up the Application Form for CME (Category 1B) Event Approval – What to Note?


Category 1B CME Events

Lectures, workshops, short skill courses, seminars, conferences, scientific meetings.

CME Event

A CME event may consist of one or more discrete CME sessions. CME points are awarded based on attendance of CME session(s). A doctor is awarded one CME point for attending a session of more than 1 hour but less than 2 hours; two CME points if the session is between 2 to 4 hours etc. Attendance must be taken for every session and individually reported to SMC.


Part A

Event ID

Refers to the Event ID as assigned to your event by SMC after completing the application for accreditation of your event at SMC website:

Title of Event

Must reflect the learning objectives.

Dates of Event

Indicate the Start and End Dates.

CME Provider(s)/ Organisations

Refers to the institutions and/or organisations organising the CME event.

CME Funder(s)

Refers to other institutions and/or organisations providing material and/or financial support other than the CME Provider.


Part B

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives should truly reflect the purpose of the event to be conducted.

Speakers/Facilitators/ Discussants

Refer to the professionals who would be involved in conducting the event.

FM Domain Code

Obtain the FM domain code from the FM Matrix – Domains of FM. E.g. if the area covered is under Whole Person Medicine – Child Health, then the FM Domain Code would be A1.

FM Disease Code

Obtain the FM disease code from the FM Matrix – Health & Disease Category. E.g. if the area covered is Respiratory, then the FM Disease Code would be 02.

Relevant CV

  • Present academic and/or professional appointments
  • Experience or appointments relevant to the topic or theme of the event


Part C

FM CME Advisor

The FM CME advisor is a family physician so accredited by the College. He interacts with the CME Provider (mandatory if the application is for accreditation of Core FM CME points as well). His/Her role is to:


  • advise CME Activity Coordinators on the requirements of core FM CME as defined by the College of Family Physicians Singapore;
  • attend the said CME events and give feedback to the Board of CME Assessors;
  • participate on CME work-plan strategic meetings to review and plan the CME programmes for Family Physicians


Part D

CME Activity Coordinator

The registered medical practitioner who is applying for the CME accreditation on behalf of the CME Provider. He is responsible for the planning, organisation and conduct of the event. He is also responsible for ensuring that the attendance at each session is properly recorded and submitted promptly to the SMC, and for providing SMC with feedback from participants if requested.