College Mission

The College of Family Physicians Singapore was formed in 1971 by a group of family physicians in Singapore who wanted an institution to enshrine and promote the values and ideals of family medicine.

College's Mission:

  1. To advance the Art and Science of Medicine
  2. To discuss Medical and Scientific problems
  3. To assist in providing post-graduate study courses for family physicians, and to encourage and assist practising family physicians in participating in such training.
  4. To arrange for and/or provide instruction by members of the College or other persons for undergraduate or postgraduate students in family practice.
  5. To promote and maintain high standards of family practice of Medicine.
  6. To encourage and assist young men and women in preparing, qualifying and establishing themselves in family practice.
  7. To preserve the right of the family physician to engage in the practice of Family Medicine, including engaging in medical and surgical procedures, for which he is qualified by training and experience.
  8. To provide, endow or support scholarships, lectureships, readerships, and professorships in subjects appertaining to or associated with family practice.
  9. To give, grant, issue or bestow diplomas, certificates and other tokens and distinctions in regconition of proficiency or attainment in family practice or in any subject cognate to family practice; any such tokens or distinctions may be awarded upon examination or thesis or honoris causa.
  10. The College may acquire by purchase, hire, lease or grant, or sell any movable or immovable properties in furtherance of the objects of the College.
  11. To receive, borrow or invest money for any of the objects of the College
  12. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.