CPG & Circulars

  1. Singapore to Exit Acute Phase of Pandemic (Feb 2023) (click here)
  2. Update on the Management of Covid-19 with Protocol 2 (Primary Care) (6 January 2022) (click here)
  3. Strengthening Our Readiness to Live with Omicron Variant (5 January 2022) (click here)
  4. Memo to General Practitioners (GP) for Recognition of Overseas Vaccinations (click here)
  5. Launch of New Medical Examination Portal from 20 December 2021 (click here)
  6. Singapore Integrated 24-hour Activity Guidelines for Early Childhood (0-6 Years) (October 2021) (Main-click here) (Annex-click here
  7. Changes to the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule (July 2020) (click here)
  8. Guidance on Childhood Development Screening (July 2020) (click here)
  9. Handbook on Adult Vaccination in Singapore 2023 (click here)
  10. Children Health Booklet (2014) (click here)