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The College Mirror is the official newsletter of the College of Family Physicians Singapore. It is a source of information on news and events in the medical fraternity in Singapore. The newsletter focuses on major events and updates on issues such as continuing medical education, practice issues and insights on major developments that have an impact on doctors in Singapore.

Published quarterly, The College Mirror is circulated to numerous doctors, clinics, and hospitals in Singapore, especially to General Practitioners and Family Physicians.

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Note for all overseas College members:
From April 2010, College will discontinue sending hardcopies of The Singapore Family Physician (SFP) journals and The College Mirror to overseas College members.
It is a move towards going green.

  • Vol 44 No 2 / June 2018

    Family Doctors
    Leading the Way to Better Health

    On 19th May, the College celebrated World Family Doctor Day with the fraternity of family doctors throughout the world, and used the opportunity to highlight the many contributions ...

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  • Vol 44 No 1 / Mar 2018

    National Electronic Health Records (NEHR)
    The "Whats" And "Hows"

    The upcoming Healthcare Services (HCS) Bill, targetted for enactment in 2019, mandates how family doctors can contribute their patient's data into the NEHR data depository ...

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